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KMS Enterprises are specialists in Samsung Clothes Dryer repair in Montreal, Laval, and the surrounding areas. We are a family owned and operated appliance service business, happily providing a professional Samsung dryer repair service in and around the Montreal and Laval areas.

If you're looking for an appliance service business that is trustworthy and that you can count on to repair your Samsung Clothes Dryer, then there is no need for you to look any further.

 At KMS Enterprises we understand the important role our appliances play in our everyday life and when it should happen that one of our household appliances break down, you need it repaired right away.

Why wash dishes by hand when you have a dishwasher, or bring your clothes to be washed at a laundromat when you have a washing machine at home or even worry about possibly losing food that is in your refrigerator due to it not cooling properly? Our goal is to give fast and efficient appliance service to our customers and guarantee that we will have your appliances working like new in no time.

Any appliance from washing machines and clothes dryers to refrigerators and freezers or even a stove or dishwasher, our courteous and professional appliance repair technicians have the experience in order to get the repairs done promptly.

Whirlpool, Samsung, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, KitchenAid, GE, Frigidaire, Bosch, Haier, Amana, Inglis are just a few of the brands of appliances that we repair. We can repair most appliances, no matter which brand you own. From appliance installations to appliance repairs, or even to purchase appliance parts, KMS Enterprises are the ones to call.

Let us at KMS Enterprises put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Give us a call today!

Samsung dryer repair and parts, Montreal, Laval

Samsung Dryer Common Repairs

Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Samsung Dryer Drum Not turning

Samsung Dryer Drum Not turning

If your Samsung dryer is no longer heating it could depend on many different things.

  • Burnt wire or contact
  • Faulty dryer thermostat
  • No proper voltage 
  • Heating element

Samsung Dryer Drum Not turning

Samsung Dryer Drum Not turning

Samsung Dryer Drum Not turning

If your Samsung dryer is heating but the drum is not turning, it could depend on many different things.

  • No voltage to motor
  • Door switch is faulty
  • Thermal fuse is open
  • Drum belt is broken

Samsung Dryer Making Noise

Samsung Dryer Drum Not turning

Samsung Dryer Making Noise

 If your Samsung dryer is making noise, it could depend on many different things. 

  • Motor blower wheel
  • Drum rollers are worn
  • Tension arm is worn
  • Drum belt is loose or cracked

Samsung Dryer Not Starting

Samsung Dryer Not Starting

Samsung Dryer Making Noise

 If your Samsung dryer is not starting, it could depend on many different things. 

  • Door switch is faulty
  • Drum belt is broken
  • Dryer belt switch is faulty
  • Motor is faulty
  • Control is defective

Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Samsung Dryer Not Starting

Samsung Dryer Repair Costs

Samsung dryers display an error code when there is a fault within the dryer. Sometimes these error codes can only be seen in the test program.Below is a list of the most common Samsung dryer error codes.

  • ts: Temperature thermistor 
  • do: Door open
  • he: Heating error

Samsung Dryer Repair Costs

Samsung Dryer Not Starting

Samsung Dryer Repair Costs

Samsung clothes dryers are very dependable and are built very sturdy for residential use. 

The cost to repair a Samsung dryer is usually quite minimal and is well worth the investment.

Samsung Dryer Repair Questions People Ask

Samsung dryer repair questions

How Do I Fix My Samsung Dryer?

Samsung clothes dryer problems could include a number of different problems such as a defective heating element to noisy dryer drum rollers. There is quite a bit of information online on how to repair your Samsung dryer but not all of the information is 100% reliable to use. When you use the services of KMS Enterprises, not only are you dealing with a company that is reliable but we will give you accurate information on what the problem is with your Samsung dryer and how you can repair it or have us go out and repair it for you.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Samsung dryer?

Troubleshooting a Samsung dryer takes years of experience to properly diagnose a problem with a dryer without needlessly replacing dryer parts for nothing. Our experienced Samsung dryer repair technicians always take the time needed to properly diagnose and repair the problem properly. Customers often call us to repair their Samsung dryer after they have already replaced several parts on their dryer themselves without fixing the problem. If you are not sure of which parts to replace on your dryer in order to repair it, then I do suggest to call us in order to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Making Noise?

Your Samsung dryer could be making noise for several different reasons. The most common noise issues that we have seen with Samsung dryers is that the drum rollers become noisy due to worn inner bushings or a bad tension arm assembly or even a bad dryer drum belt. To be sure of where the noise is coming from, the dryer would have to be taken apart by our professionals in order to check each individual dryer part that could be making the noise.

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Not Heating?

Samsung dryers have a heating element inside the dryer that provides heat in order to dry the clothing. In order for the dryer to work properly to dry the clothes, it must have a fresh air intake and a properly working heating element. Just because your dryer is not heating, that doesn't mean that it is the heating element that is the problem. There are several other dryer circuit components that are in play in order to make your dryer element heat up. Once again the dryer would have to be taken apart by our service professionals in order to properly diagnose the problem of no heat.

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Not Starting?

Your Samsung dryer not starting could be caused by a few things, one of which could be a broken dryer drum belt. The dryer has a drum belt that turns the drum when it is started in order to rotate the clothing in the tub in order not to stay in one place and get overheated by the heating element. Most Samsung clothes dryers are equipped with a dryer belt switch to prevent the dryer from turning on if the belt is broken.

Is Your Samsung Dryer Repair Service Near Me?

KMS Enterprises is a in home appliance repair service company with many years of experience repairing Samsung clothes dryers. We do service in many areas in and around Montreal, Laval, North Shore and the South Shore. 

For the DIY who is looking to buy Samsung parts, we also sell Samsung appliance parts and we ship appliance parts all across Canada.

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